Just Desserts

They say life is too short, so eat dessert first. Michelin star Chef Marc Haeberlin says, “one can never finish a meal without a dessert,” so whisk yourself away with these talented pastry chefs and watch how the sweet magic happens. Indulge your sweet tooth into these rich and decadent recipes and learn how to create some of the finest pastries in the luxury of your own kitchen. Your just a pinch of sugar and a cup of flour away from creating a dessert that will sparkle and impress all your guests next to a glass of bubbly champagne!

How to prepare Goats Milk Mousse by Chef Daniel Sak

How to prepare Cherry Tart by Chef Thomas Henkelmann

How to prepare Peach Haeberlin by 3 Star Michelin Chef Marc Haeberlin

How to prepare Warm Crispy Beignets by Chef Josiah Citrin & Ashley James

How to prepare Gascon Mess by Chef Pascal Aussignac

How to prepare Black Fig Carpaccio by Chef Pascal Aussignac

How to prepare Vanilla Rice Pudding by 3 Stars Michelin Chef Guy Savoy

How to prepare Strawberry Tart by 3 Star Michelin Chef George Blanc

How to prepare Apple Tart in a Fish Shape by Chef Plumant, French

How to prepare Warm Chocolat Coulant by Famous Pastrie Chef Dominique ANSEL

How to prepare Caramelized Apple by 3 Star Michelin Chef Bernard Loiseau

How to prepare Turkish Sting by Chef Yoram Nitzan

How to prepare Caramelized Apples with Lavender Ice Cream by Chef Galvin Brothers

How to prepare Kanafeh by Shaul Ben Aderet & Muhamad Mushraf Zoabi

How to prepare Hand-Blown Sugar Apple with Sorbet by 2 Star Michelin chef Jean Denis Rieubland

How to prepare Raspberry Vacherin at 3 Star Michelin Restaurant Arnaud Lallement

How to prepare White Chocolate Panna Cotta Rhubarb Consommé by Chef Paul McCabe

How to prepare Rhubarb & Strawberry Variations by 2 Star Michelin Chef Michael Nizzero

How to prepare Camelized Apple Tart by Chef Roland Pierroz at Rasalp hotel

How to prepare Stuffed White & Dark Chocolate

How to prepare "Biscuit au Citron" Lemon thyme spongecake, Authentic French recipe.

How to prepare Cherries Conserved in Wine by Master Chef Joseph Trama

How to prepare the perfect cookie for your bubbly, Pink champagne biscuits!

How to prepare Saint Honore Chantilly by the most famous pastry Chef Gaston Lenôtre

How to prepare Peaches in Almond Paste by Chef Mario D'Orio

Travelling Gourmet presents Chef Pierre Jean Duribreu Flan, French

How to prepare Apple Tart Au Calvados by Chef Patrick Durand, French